Activity Pick-Up Cost Minimum Pax / Activity
Morning Safari 05:00am to 12:00pm R 680 per person 4
Afternoon Safari 12:00pm to 17:00pm R 680 per person 4
Evening Safari 17:00pm to 20:00pm R 680 per person 4
Night Safari 20:00pm to 22:00pm R 680 per person 4
Full Day Game Drive 8 Hours R 1200 Per Person 4
Private Vehicle Safari 6 Hours R 3100 2
The leopard is one of the five species in the genus Panthera, a member of the Felidae. The leopard occurs in a wide range in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia and is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN … Wikipedia
A rhinoceros, commonly abbreviated to rhino, is one of any five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae, as well as any of the numerous extinct species. Wikipedia
Zebras are several species of African equids united by their distinctive black and white striped coats. Their stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. They are generally social animals that live in small harems to large herds. Wikipedia
The giraffe is a genus of African even-toed ungulate mammals, the tallest living terrestrial animals and the largest ruminants. The genus currently consists of one species, Giraffa camelopardalis, the type species. Wikipedia
Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Three species are currently recognised: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant. Wikipedia
The lion is a species in the family Felidae, and a member of the genus Panthera. It exhibits a pronounced sexual dimorphism; males are larger than females with a typical weight range of 150 to 250 kg for the former and 120 to 182 kg for the latter. Wikipedia